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N.5 Febbraio 2007

Postal Art ENG 
The Valentines envelopes

In our modern world subject to sudden and fast changes some rituals are perpetuated centuries after centuries standing eternal against the attacks of time. Between those rituals the declaration of love holds a place of honour. Anyone faces this crucial moment at least once in a lifetime. It is almost an obligatory stage because the loved person always demands some kind of commitment. Sighs, flowers, presents and looks are not enough. The answer was the Valentine letter which was a mixture of poetry, flowers decorated on the paper and a lovely object to keep as a gift. The lover imagined the hoping and dreaming look of the loved person when she received the letter. It was a special moment as it was for the lover when he looked for the Valentine letter and found one, thinking that it would be opened by his ''Valentine''. Illustrated with Switzerland, Great Britain and United States valentine's envelopes.

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