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N.3 Dicembre 2006

Rarities ITA ENG 
The rarest errors of colour of Spain and Baden

Al terzo posto come indice di rarità, tra gli errori di colore dei francobolli di tutto il mondo, si classifica la Spagna con il 2 reales blu del 1851. Al quarto posto l'antico Stato di Baden con il 9 kreuzer verde del 1851. La storia e le riproduzioni degli esemplari.

The 2 reales error of colour was caused by the accidental insertion of a 2 reales cliché in the printing plate of the 6 reales. This was then printed in blue giving the error. The first specimen of this error to be known to collectors was acquired in 1867 by W. Westoby, one of the leading philatelists of his day. Westoby's 2 reales blue went into the collection formed by Thomas Keay Tapling when he bought Westoby's collection of stamps in or about 1884 and passed together with his collection to the British Museum, in 1891.
In the old German State of Baden during 1851, some stamps clearly denominated "9" kreuzer were printed on the green paper, normally used exclusively for the 6 kreuzer value, instead of black on rose-lilac as the 9 kreuzer. It is an error of paper colour of which only four authenticated examples have been recorded during the 150 years and more after the issue was made. The configuration of the numerals which form the central feature of the stamp's design is identical on the 6 and 9 kreuzer except that in their correct positions they are inverted in relation to each other; therefore it is almost certain that the error occurred because the press operator viewed the printing plate of the 9 kreuzer upside down when selecting the colour of paper to be used. The history of these great rarities and the illustrations of the stamps.

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