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N.2 Novembre 2006

Vehicles ENG 
The Stagecoaches

Long before there was a need for personal vehicular transportation in colonial America, there was the necessity of moving goods and raw materials. Pack animals were sometimes used, but they could not carry all materials, nor were they efficient, so the first real demand on the wheelwright was for the construction of work vehicles. Two such artisans were sent from England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1629. By the mid-eighteenth century several types of commercial vehicles were becoming prominent. The Conestoga wagon was used to carry freight and produce in Pennsylvania; for freight movement within cities, there was the ubiquitous two-wheel dray. All of these vehicles retained their importance into the nineteenth century, the stage wagon evolving into the famous Troy and Concord coaches during the 1820s, the latter continuing to be manufactured and used into the early years of the twentieth century.

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