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N.2 Novembre 2006

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The Nicarague Route

A contract between Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, a United States businessman, and the Nicaraguan government was signed on August 26, 1849, granting Vanderbilt's company - the Accessory Transit Company - exclusive rights to build a transisthmian canal within twelve years. The contract also gave Vanderbilt exclusive rights, while the canal was being completed, to use a land-and-water transit route across Nicaragua, part of a larger scheme to move passengers from the eastern United States to California. The westbound journey across Nicaragua began by small boat from San Juan del Norte on the Caribbean coast, traveled up the Rio San Juan to San Carlos on Nicaragua Lake, crossed the lake to La Virgen on the west shore, and then continued by railroad or stagecoach to San Juan del Sur on the Pacific coast. History of the Nicaragua Route between 1849 to 1857 with map, list of steamships and two rare covers franked with the 1851 US issue.

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