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N.2 Novembre 2006

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The Panama Route 1848-1851

On March 3, 1847, Congress passed a law directing the establishment of a postal route from Atlantic ports, accross the Isthmus of Panama to California and Oregon with stops at Monterey and San Francisco, the through service to be subsidized in the amount of $100,000, under the control of the Navy for the construction of new steamers readily convertible to Navy warships in an emergency. The Atlantic route was assigned to a syndacate group, incorporated by the New York Legislature on March 23, 1848 as the United States Mail Steamships Company, with a mail subsidy increased to $ 290,000 per year. The first west mail service began with two ships, the Falcon and Isthmus, both 600 tons., on December of the same year. On board of each steamer, an Agent of the P.O.D. was responsable of the mail bags. Illustrated the best covers travelled accross the Panama Route between 1847 to 1851.

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