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N.10/11 Novembre/Dicembre 2007

Rates ENG 
Paid to the Lines between USA and Canada - 1851

Le immagini delle piĆ¹ rare lettere affrancate con i francobolli della prima emissione di Stati Uniti del 1847 e la prima emissione di Canada 1851. Di Alessandro Arseni

Prior to April 6, 1851, postage rates between the United States and Canada were rather confusing and cumbersome. A case in point - Canadians could prepay the postage to the U.S., but not the other way around. Or, what would be a triple weight cover in the United States was charged as a quadruple rate in Canada. Then, as of April 6, 1851, a combined rate was established between the United States and Canada. Six pence or 10 cents per 1/2 oz. between anywhere in Canada and the U.S. except 9d or 15c to California or Oregon, with prepayment optional, part payment not recognized. A similar agreement was established with the Maritime provinces as of July 6, 1851

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