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N.3 Dicembre 2006

Postal History ENG 
History of The Transatlantic Company - 1852-1858

For the first time the complete and definitive sailing data of the six steamships of the italian Compagnia Transatlantica from 1856 to 1858, in service between Genova (Italy) and the River Plate-Buenos Ayres (Argentina). The article include the description of the S.S. Sardegna, S.S. Genova, S.S. Torino, S.S. Italia, S.S. Conte di Cavour and S.S. Vittorio Emanuele. All the rarest and important covers travelled in this transatlantic service are illustrated in the complete issue on December 2006 of The Postal Gazette. Here the History of the Compagnia Transatlantica. By Alessandro Arseni, director of The Postal Gazette, with the collaboration of Joseph J.Geraci.

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